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(Intermediate) Cymbidium
Available January to March
from these New Zealand Exporters
Greenwings New Zealand Ltd
New Zealand Bloom (NZ) Ltd
Variety: Gentiana
Genus: Gentiana
Colour: Purple

Gentianaa''s beautiful flowers are available mainly in stunning royal blue, with small quantities of pink and white also produced. The majority of Gentianaa commercial production occurs in the South Island, where its cool climate is ideal for its production. The majority of cutflower varieties of Gentianaa originated from Japan where it is a popular traditional cut flower. The are over 400 species of Gentianaa, however only a few are of economic importance. Stems are harvested in the cooler part of the day. Harvesting occurs when the buds at the tip have all developed the same colour, with the lower buds in full colour but still tight. Stem length falls between 40 and 80cm. The flower may be used as an attractive centrepiece, or alternatively to offset other blooms in a bouquet. The stems also bear attractive dark green leaves. Ideally flowers should be stored at 5-7 degrees C. Blooms open quickly with exposure to warm temperatures.


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