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New Generation NZ Cymbidium
Created on by Julie Fox.

Cymbidium Orchids - The Flag Ship of New Zealand Cut Flower Export Industry are once again leading the way.
The past three years have proven to be a watershed in the New Zealand Cymbidium Industry

Traditionally the New Zealand Standard Cymbidium production has been based on four main colours Green, White, Pink and Yellow.
You can buy any colour you want - as long as you want Green, White, Pink or Yellow,
This is no longer the case as many NZ growers and breeders have listened to the market.
They have been targeting the production of colours and varieties in high demand for our eager Northern Hemisphere Customer base.

Breeding Cymbidium is a time consuming, slow process.
It requires a large degree of: expertise, plantsmanship, patience, botanical Knowledge, good luck and above all PASSION!

Many growers have successfully built up a plant base of high producing desirable varieties.

Along with the traditional Green White Pink and Yellow, buyers can now look to New Zealand to source excellent examples of Orange Gold - Brown Red Burgundy and Apricot, Standard and Mini Cymbidium during the northern hemisphere autumn and from July through October.

Check out some of these colours and make sure you keep New Zealand Cymbidium in mind for those Fall (Autumn) Events.

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