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New Zealand is a small land in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean. Its geographic isolation, once an obstacle, is now considered a blessing. Relatively free from the ravages of industrial pollution, New Zealand has an environment perfect for production of agricultural and horticultural products. The country covers 286,000 squares kilometres, about the same size as Japan, and extends for over 2,000 kilometres in a north-south direction, creating extended seasons for primary production.


Physically, New Zealand is a unique country offering unparalleled extremes of climate and terrain: from majestic mountains and lakes to rugged forests and bush to sandy beaches. New Zealand has a small population of only 5 million people, but it has a big heart. A heart that beats beneath in the form of volcanoes, boiling mud pools and geysers. A heart that beats with a cosmopolitan mix of Maori, Polynesian and European peoples. A heart that gives the people of New Zealand a spirit that makes the rest of the world take notice. For example, our almost unbelievable success in yachting's America's Cup; the long standing success of the mighty All Blacks; and Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to conquer Mount Everest.

New Zealand, because of its isolation and size, has always been an international trading nation. Quality, effciency and a commitment to strong trading relationships are fundamental elements in our continuing success in international markets.

Today, New Zealanders realise the international business environment is more vast, most dynamic and more challenging than ever before. New Zealanders know that success in this ever changing world depends on producers who are committed to satisfying consumers' needs through quality, innovation, environmental integrity and marketing flair.

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